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Do you want a real plan for your future? For your heirs?

Are you having trouble managing your finances or reaching your financial goals? We can help. We review your financial situation and help you create a personalized financial plan with achievable goals. We use a four step approach to set the direction that best fits your situation:

  • Preparing – 60-90 minute meeting to understand your situation and goals. This includes a review of your taxes, savings and investments, other assets, debts, charitable giving, anticipated life events, risk profile, and long-term financial goals.
  • Investing – 30-60 minute follow-up to review the financial plan recommendations, potential investment strategy, and answer any questions that you and your family may have.
  • Growing – Our on-going management of your investments using the strategies that we’ve agreed to. We are a fee-only firm. Although we are unable to make any promises of future returns, you can be absolutely sure that our recommendations are based on your best interests alone.
  • Harvesting – Working with you to plan your withdrawals in the most tax-advantaged strategy.


  1. Harvest Advisors, LLC recommends that our clients use Charles Schwab & Co. as custodian and broker for their securities. Share The Harvest Partners, LLC receives no monetary compensation from Charles Schwab & Co.

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