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For many investors, determining risk tolerance levels and investment time frames is the most difficult component of the asset allocation process.
The following worksheet is designed to assist us in identifying your current investment profile.  After we score the survey and review the results with you, it will assist in selecting the most sensible investments to reach your goals.
For its results to be meaningful, you must respond to every question. Press the "Finish" button at the bottom of this page when you have completed the form. An investor profile will be generated for you.
For each of the following groups of statements, check the box next to the statement that most closely reflects your financial situation and/or investment philosophy as it is today.

    (Questions 1-3 refer to your investment philosophy. For each question, select the statement that best reflects your perspective.)

    (Questions 4-10 refer to your own investments.)

    (Questions 11-15 refer to your current personal situation.)