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How to Send us Information

You may mail, fax, or email your information to us. Our mailing address and fax number are on the “Contact Us” page. If you need help, please feel free to call our office.

QuickBooks® software QuickBooks® software
Quicken® Quicken®
SpreadsheetDocumentPDF Spreadsheets, Documents, etc.
Email Email Help

Emailing Instructions

QuickBooks® software QuickBooks® software:

  1. With your company’s file open in QuickBooks® software, go to File -> Save Copy or Backup. Choose to make a compressed backup copy, portable compnay file, or accountant’s copy. Be sure to save the file in a location that is easy for you to locate.
  2. The file name should be [Your company file name here].QBB (backup), .QBM (portable), or .QBX (accountant’s copy).
  3. If your file is password protected, please remember to provide your preparer with the password.
  4. Close company and QuickBooks® software program.
  5. Skip to #4 below.

QuickBooks® software Quicken® Files:

  1. Open Quicken®.
  2. If the name of your company file is “QDATA”, go to File -> File Operations -> Rename. Rename the file using your company’s name or an abbreviation.
  3. Go to File -> Backup.
  4. When done, note the location of your quicken data files or backup files.
  5. Remove any password protection.
  6. Skip to #4 below.

SpreadsheetDocumentPDF Spreadsheets, Documents, etc.:

  1. Open the program and file.
  2. Make sure the file name includes your company’s name or abbreviation. If not, rename the file.
  3. Remove any password protection.
  4. Save the file to a location where it is easy for you to locate.
  5. Close file and program.
  6. Skip to #4 below.

Email Emailing:

  1. Open your email program.
  2. Create a new email.
  3. Use this address:
  4. To be safe send a cc (copy) to
  5. Enter an appropriate subject line.
  6. Type a short message and ask for a reply confirmation. Please indicate what version of Quicken®/QuickBooks® software the data file was created with, if applicable. Include passwords, if any.
  7. Attach files. Most email programs today have a toolbar button for adding attachments. Both Outlook Express and Netscape use a paperclip icon. If you can not find the “attachment button”, go to HELP. The attachment window will show a view of your computer’s directories. Browse to the directory where your data files are kept.
    1. For Quicken®, look in c:\Quicken\… or c:\Quicken\data\…
    2. For QuickBooks® software, look in
      1. c:\quickbooksw\…or
      2. c:\program files\intuit\quickbooks\…
    3. For other files, look in c:\My Documents.
  8. Click on the appropriate files:
    1. QuickBooks® software: Your latest *.QBB, *.QBM, or *.QBX file
    2. Quicken®: three or four files that begin with your company name and end with these extensions: *.QDF, *.QEL, *.QPH, *.QSD
    3. Spreadsheets and other files should be fairly obvious.
  9. Send your email.

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